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Book Review #4:“Alexis’ Aggravation: Murder in the Southwest” by Rhonda Jackson and Janie Sullivan

Ratings: 5 out of 5 Stars!!

5 star

A fantastic start to a murder mystery! “Alexis’ Aggravation: Murder in the Southwest” by Rhonda Jackson and Janie Sullivan is the first book in Alexis Trilogy and it sets an interesting pace, keeping the reader glued.

The story starts with a bang, literally, with the discovery of a body in a bar owned by ex-cop Alexis Morton. After an injury on the job, Alexis starts taking care of her parents’ bar, which she ends up liking so much that she almost makes up her mind to never go back to being a cop. But when her partner Henrietta’s husband, Michael Beaudry, is in danger, she decides to come back for this one case and then decide whether she wants to remain a cop or not.

Michael is a doctor and is working to open a clinic, for immigrants in the city, against all odds. His partner Dr. Benjamin Shapiro is shot dead in his house. All eyes go towards the head of the radical group opposing the clinic, Reginald Hendricks. He was the president of CC4CC (Concerned Citizens for Clean Clinics) and was opposing the opening of the clinic in the neighborhood. Everybody looks good for murder but still no one is good enough. Who killed him? Is someone else also a target?  What will Alexis do? Will she be able to find the murderer?

What keeps the story going is the character, Henry Keaton – the actor turned cop. The wannabe-cop is a character that you hate initially but he kind of grows on you as the story unfurl. At first he seems self-indulgent and egocentric, but he keeps the story interesting.

The story is well written and the narrative flows very smoothly. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and would recommend it to those who enjoy a good mystery with lots of twists. There were some typos and missing words, but they were minor things and didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the book.

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