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Book Review #1: Long Drawn and Other Random Bits by Bradley E. Robinson

Ratings: 1 out of 5!!

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To each his own, is quite true with this book.  I give ‘Long Drawn and Other Random Bits by Bradley E. Robinson’ a 1 because it feels like a literary version of modern art where each has his own interpretation, where some will like it and call it art whereas, others will call it random thoughts without sense. I, for one did not really enjoy this book, maybe because I could not understand the reason behind this book. Why did he write it, what did he want to convey with his writing.

This book is basically about the author’s travelling experiences. During the first half of the book, it feels like the author has taken out the pages from his travelling dairy for us to read. Where he went each summer, what he did, who all he met, and his overall experience. It kind of feels like a pseudo biography where he shares his life experiences, his likes and dislikes with the reader.

The second part of the book though are two short stories ‘Apre Moi’ and ‘Farmer’ which are much more interesting than his travel log. A grammar and spell check is required at some places. The author seems to be in likeness with the word ‘Bamboozle’ which he has used at least once in each chapter, which after some time gets really irritating. There are a few drawings before each chapter which have no relevance with the text. I am more of a story oriented reader, so it can be a biased opinion from my side about the various parts of the book.

Sometimes it looks like an article in a newspaper and some time a random thought penned down. There is also a page where the author writes the ‘things that scare me.’ and ‘things that make me smile’. It also contains photos from his travels and experiences. He also has some kind of poems or phrases which adds to its feel as a diary or personal notebook.

Overall, the whole book is confusing, it has a lot of random bits from poems to articles to photos. I would not be recommending this book to anyone who is looking for a good read. As far as the author goes, I would ask him to add something more of a personal touch to his travel log (exactly what I will call this book) or re-write it in a more interesting reader friendly manner.



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