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Book Review #3: It’s Only Business by Brad Orris

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars!!

5 star

It’s Only Business by Brad Orris is quiet a refreshing book and would definitely recommend it to others for a good read. The book as a whole is quiet entertaining and keeps you engaged.

It’s Only Business is a fictional story about an IT company RepairAll which, as the name suggests, repairs and services IT equipment. It is founded and run by two childhood friends – Henry and George. They both have their own area of expertise and ideas for the company. Henry, who owns 51% of the company, sees it more on the managerial level and wants to keep things as they are, whereas George, who owns 49%, sees and takes care of the technical aspects. He wants to grow the company from where it stands. George fed up with Henry’s attitude opens another company called ComputeAll which does quiet well. But as tragedy always strikes when least expected, an accident leads to Henry’s death and after sometime, George’s. The company is then taken over by their respective wives.

Mike, the boyfriend of Henry’s wife, with her help tries to take overall control of the company from George’s wife and son Elliot, but a little twist reveals that Henry actually left the company to his daughter Julie, who, to say the least, is quiet an extraordinary woman. Steve, a friend of Elliot, who also works for the company RepairAll with Julie and takes care of ComputeAll, hires Max to help him with ComputeAll but it turns out Max has another agenda. The book continues as Mike tries to exact revenge on Julie and Elliot for throwing him out of the company. The book is difficult to follow with all its twists and turns.

It has many characters but all its characters are connected beautifully and seamlessly. It is a very fast paced book. The thing I loved the most about the book is that the author has kept the story simple and to the point. He has not gotten into the technical aspects of IT industry but, made it simple for a layman to read and understand.

There is only one instance where I found a part of the story was not required. The part where Steve takes a flight for a trade fair and meets a girl, Lizy does not connect with the story. I did not understand what the author really intended , whether he wanted to give an insight to Steve’s character or just wanted to increase the number of pages.

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