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Book Review #2: Obsession by Khali Raymond

Ratings: 3 out of 5!!

3 star.png

I gave it a 3 because even though I loved the book with all its twists and turns, it still lacked a little refinement. The book as a whole is quite entertaining and keeps you engaged. I would definitely recommend this book to someone looking for a good short read.

Obsession is a fictional story about a guy named Sean Willowbrook, an eligible bachelor who has everything a person can hope for. Zaria, a new employee who came in from Brazil, develops a crush on Sean and gets overly attached to him. But there is something shady about her from the first instance. The drama that follows is too good to put the book down.
I really liked Sean Willowbrook’s character. He had all the traits of a hero. Though practically finding such a guy in real life is not possible, still you can’t help but fall in love with the character. The emotions shown by him are at the right balance of a hero and human. The only change I would want in his character is that he should confront his doubts rather than let go. The book ends on a beautiful note, making the readers love Sean’s character even more.

It is a very fast paced book. The thing I loved about the book is that the author has kept the story simple and to the point. He has not tried to increase the number of pages with useless descriptions and content, still giving enough description to help the reader’s imagination. It deals with the fact that women can be wrong; it is not always the men who are wrong. At the same time the book says that there are always two sides of a coin; not everyone is a bad person, a fact which has been penned down beautifully.

The letdown with the book was the lines after lines in different languages, with no translation in English. Personally, I hate skipping lines while reading but as no translations have been provided, had to skip quite a lot. There were a few grammatical mistakes which requires a little editing, like in chapter 2 of the book it is written “…we both drunk our beverages…”. Also, the narration shifts abruptly from Sean’s point to Zaria’s which makes the reader quite confused. The basic concept behind the book is quiet good and well implemented. The ending, though, was a letdown. Still, the book keeps you quite engrossed.



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