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Book Review #8: Girls Like Us by Alex Apostol

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Ratings:5 out of 5 Stars. A Definite read…!!

5 star

Girls Like Us by Alex Apostol is a fictional story of Triss and Hailey, who have been the best of friends since second grade. The story starts with the two friends, who have been friends for twenty-one years now, moving from Virginia to California for a fresh start. They decide to make this into a road trip, but it turns out that both have different expectations for this trip. While Triss wants to make this into a final goodbye to Virginia, with a trip down memory lane and stop at as many places as possible, Hailey just wants to reach California as soon as possible and start her dream life.

The book looks through different aspects of their friendship throughout their life and shows how their bond and understanding grows over the years. The author has done a great job at narrating from both Hailey and Triss’s perspectives and thoughts. The book has Hailey’s narration more than that of Triss’s which can make the reader a bit biased towards Hailey. If you have been friends with someone for a long time, then you can probably relate to both Hailey and Triss’s characters. Triss’s character is one which is fun and likes to party, whereas Hailey’s character is one that behaves responsibly.

The book grips you immediately and forces you to ask what will happen next? Will they have fun or will this trip break their friendship? Do such long friendships last or grow apart with time?

It is a beautiful story with a good plot. The author not only lets you observe their friendship in present times through the road trip, but also goes through their past from the moment they met. It is a classy book with good humor and lots of adventure.

Every time the author tells you about the girls meeting a stranger, it is a nail biting moment as you never know what trouble will the girls get into now or will the stranger turn out to be good or is it the start of the end of their twenty-one year old friendship.

The pace of the book is medium and stays the same throughout. The language and dialogues are fun and chic. All in all, it is a good read and I would recommend this book to those who are looking for a light and fun read. The author’s writing has a freshness to it which makes the story alive and its characters real.

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