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Book Review #9:”Don’t Be Like Mike” by D R Standley

Rating: 4 out of 5 !!

4 star

About the book!!

“Don’t Be Like Mike” is a fictional book with stories of different Mikes’ as encountered by the author D R Standley. The stories are about different people named Mike and all the craziness they can get into. There is a story about an 8-year-old kid named Mike who is fascinated with fire. It is about the time when he discovers what fire and matches are, and what he does with those is totally crazy. Later, another person named Mike, the neighbor, is described as a mechanic and what he does to his car without knowing anything about cars is hilarious. There are a few more stories about this particular Mike, that are completely hilarious and unbelievable. There is another story ‘Mike – the speed bowler’ and then ‘Mike got Skunked’ (this is a must read) and other great Mike stories.

My Review!!

The stories are fun and amusing. The author’s writing is lively and fun to read but sometimes it takes a little effort to keep oneself interested in the story. The pace of the book goes up and down with each story as required. The book has a lot of sarcasm and makes you have a constant smile on your face.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a light read with fun and sarcasm. I would definitely not recommend you this book if you are family or friends with a person named Mike, because it might be possible that it is the same Mike as described in the story.

I think the author is trying to give an idea about the mentality of different kinds of people and what a little foolishness combined with lack of common sense can result in. I really liked the fact that the author has tried to give a moral to the story and encouraged people to be not like the person in the story, hence the title – Don’t be like Mike.

The stories told in the book are either first-hand experiences from the author when he has seen the Mikes in action or sometimes heard about them from other people. The stories make an interesting read and keep you on edge to know what exactly happens.

The Mikes described in the book are crazy to the extent that sometimes you feel sorry for them and sometimes you just cannot stop laughing at their foolishness. The overall character portrayal for all the Mikes in the book is negative and revolves around them being stupid. The narration in the book is kind of sarcastic and sometimes you feel that the author has been too harsh on the various Mikes in the book even though they make a fun read. Generalizing the name of Mike with stupidity and putting such a bad image for Mikes all around is the reason I give “Don’t Be Like Mike” by D R Standley a 4 out of 5.

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