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What are Books?

What are books?? Are they just a story written by someones imagination or is it something more? What I share here is an extremely honest and personal opinion, but since I am crazy about books I feel I should write about my one true passion. How many people out there feel the same kind of excitement as me when they walk into a library or a book store? Do your eyes light up like you’ve just discovered Candyland? Well, mine do.

From the time I can remember I have been reading. It has been my way to escape the world. Oh don’t worry, I am not one of those people who hate their lives or had too many hardships or cruelty around them. In fact I am the few lucky ones who has a great supporting family, be it my parents or In-Laws. I have my best friend as my husband, who stands with me in whatever stupidity my brain comes up with and more importantly I am blessed with the most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world.

Basically, no sad story here.

I love my life and everyone in it. So, why the escape u ask? Well sometimes you just need a break from the routine and do things you have never done before. You want to visit places that do not exist…and meet people that are not there.

So, for me that is what books are… a chance to meet new people..know them and their stories. To experience things only wild and crazy imaginations can make you feel. To go places which sometimes do not exist in this world, go to alternate reality and back again. A very famous author once said, “Those who read, live a thousand lives every day. Those who don’t mere exist in a single one”. The books help me appreciate my life and the people in it. It gives new meaning in loving someone and makes you remember those who you have lost. It helps you reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Books are windows and doors to something you can’t imagine.

By reading a book and appreciating it you are applauding the hard work of the author who has given his imagination words and offered you to read it. I have this believe that every person on this earth wether a reader or not, has a book which helps you get through all your problems in life. For me, I believe Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is that book for me. Everytime I read that book, and I have read it a million times already, I feel that book gives me strength and guides me out of my troubles.

So what are books to me…they are my way of appreciating my life and the people in it. They help me travel to different places and are my best friends. They are the answer to every problem in my life. They are God’s Guiding hand.


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