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Introducing Books to My Daughter..!!

Let me first introduce you to my life. I am presently a stay-at-home mom of a 18 month old. I used to work in an IT company, but left my job to take care of my daughter. From the day she was born, all my attention, time and patience went in taking care of her and I had no time left for myself. I was frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter. She is my life, but after everything you do need some time on your own to do the things you love.

So, last month I decided to open a small book rental store of my own with the books I have within my own residential society. As any avid reader, I always had a huge collection of books and introducing people to the habit of reading has always been my passion. Basically, it is something that I love. What I did not have in my collection were books for small kids and since it is vacation time for kids right now, I bought a small collection of books for them.

The kids in my society loved the idea of the bookstore and are my constant customers. Seeing other kids come and take books from me, somehow my daughter has also found her interest in books. She is only 18 months and I always wanted to introduce reading to her but thought it was way too early. 🙂

Now everyday, she points me towards the book collection and she asks me to read two to three books out of the whole collection. She does not understand much, but sees the pictures and points to it babbling something which I am not able to understand. She knows what books are for her and which are not. Seriously she does!!!

Don’t believe me…Well, she asks me to pick her one book…if it has lots of pictures then it is for her…otherwise it is not..Simple!! 🙂


Yesterday we read two books. One was ‘Puss in Boots’, where she kept pointing at the cat and just wanted to look at the next picture. Everyone knows about Puss in Boots. It is about a cat who helps its master get a better life in exchange of a hat and new boots.


The other one was ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog and The Missing Beach Ball’, which had lots of animal pics in it (she is in love with the animals). The book is about 3 dogs who go on a beach and lose their beach ball.


It was great fun introducing her to the world of reading, even though she does not understand much. I am looking forward to today and what we will read..!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Introducing Books to My Daughter..!!

  1. You have conveyed your feelings so well.. so much so that one can understand you have found less of words to express your happiness that your daughter has found fun in your world .. which is great !!!

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