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Book Review #10: Prey on the Prowl

First Published on Online Book Club !!

Ratings: 3 out of 5!!

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About the book!!

The Prey on the Prowl by B.S. Murthy is a typical suspense thriller novel which is based in the beautiful Indian city of Hyderabad. It is a story about a detective Dhruva who is looking to solving multiple murders. The story starts when Kavya, Ranjit’s wife, gets kidnapped and he comes to detective Dhruva for help. Will detective Dhruva be able to solve the mystery? Will he be able to bring back Kavya and that to unhurt?

The story goes beyond Kavya’s kidnapping and involves multiple murders, including her husband Ranjit’s. Who can kill Ranjit? Will Detective Dhruva be able to identify the real killer? The book goes through many ups and downs and keeps you constantly on edge.

My Review!!

The main problem with the book itself was that the characters drawn were a bit two-dimensional. There are some characters who were actually quite interesting, but the way they have been written made them not so relatable. In fact, the writing throughout the book seemed static. The author has explained a sex scene as passionately as a normal dialogue between two characters, because of which, the suspense scenes were not nearly as thrilling as they could be.

The pace of the book is quite fast. The story moves very quickly from one plot to another. The language and writing style used by the author is quite flat to say the least, it took a lot of my effort to stay focused to the plot. I was half of the time lost in the language, trying to understand what the author was trying to say than what the story was, which was very distracting and frustrating. I like to get completely lost in the characters and the story, but it became difficult to relate to or get attached to any of the characters.

Once you get past the writing, the story in itself is very enticing. The story goes around various characters and how they are interconnected. The plot is as such amazing and the ending is unexpected to say the least. It was a good and entertaining novel, but it needed a bit more of a bang to stand out in the suspense and thriller genre which is full of similar novels. I would recommend this book to those who love a fast read and do not want to go in-depth with the characters.

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