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To My Perfect Dad!!

This is a something I wrote for my father. I am not good at writing poems but still tried.


When I was Little, He held my Hand

and made me walk, Down the Sand.

Tired and Irritated, When I fell down,

He said,’Be patient my dear, do not frown.’


Angry at Mom, When I skipped my Meal,

He took me out on a fancy treat, To barter a Deal.

And when we called his Bluff and made a Fuss,

All he said was ” For Your smile, anything if I must”


He took me Shopping when I was low,

Spoilt me to the Fullest, Even when mom said ‘No’,

Still complaining after everything he bought,

All he would say was ” Let us go and get what you want”


Going to college, I said my goodbyes,

Jumping and Hoping went on with my life,

He called everyday to check up on me,

Asking, ‘do you need anything from me?’


Today on this Father’s Day, I want to take this chance

To tell you that I love you, for ever and ever.

You are my strength and my hero,

You are the rock on which I depend.


Now that I am married and have a daughter of my own,

I realize what all I did wrong,

If only I could go back in time,

All I will want, would be to be your little girl again.


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