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Free/ Discounted Kindle Books- 1st July

Today’s Book of the Day is temporarily Free!!

Today’s Book of the Day is “The Saltwater Ghost” by Shiela Jane. It is temporarily Free!!You do NOT need Kindle Unlimited and you do NOT need a Kindle. This book is temporarily free for everyone. But only for a limited time, S0 Get it now here..!!

It has a 4.4 Star on Amazon!!

It is a #3 best seller on amazon in Mystery, Thriller and Suspense genre.

About the book..!!

In the 1870s, Lainey Mercier, a young Mi’kmaq Indian girl, drowns herself off the coast of Saltwater, Prince Edward Island, after she is deserted by her Anglo-Saxon lover.

In the 1980s, sixteen-year-old Garnet Macklin dies in a fall on the same stretch of coastline, after a fight with his best friend and childhood hero, Alden Jurrien.

More than thirty years later, Alden is divorced, estranged from his children, burnt out in his college professor career, and trying to escape the guilt he still feels by living in India, teaching street-hardened teenagers who challenge both his heart and his patience.

When Alden unexpectedly gets a job offer from the college in his hometown of Saltwater, he knows it may be the only way to find the peace of mind that running away never brought. He must go home.

But the ghosts of the past are still there…and they won’t let him rest.


This story is a perfect companion for your holiday. It makes no demands of you. It’s just a beautifully written chance to meet and relax with a cast of lovely people. These family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues (mostly) care about each other (well, there has to be a little conflict) and there is a good balance with the romantic interest. Back story is skillfully woven in as it is needed so the pace and plot progression are steady and unforced.

-Amazon Kindle User.

Source: Online Book Club



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