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Love Being A Kid..!!

Being an adult is so difficult, don’t you think so..!!

Life was so much simpler when we were kids. No worries, No problems..!!

or is it just us who did this? When I  read the above poster, I thought I should compare.

Kids Life: Have to ask permission from parents for everything. In return, you are protected by parents love and are forgiven for all mistakes.

Adult Life: You can do whatever you want and can enjoy yourself. No one will take your responsibility and have to handle your mistakes on your own.


Kids Life: Life is difficult because we have SCHOOL and HOMEWORK…!! 🙂

Adult Life: OFFICE and BOSS. Earn MONEY and your LIVELIHOOD


Kids Life: We worried when one of our friends was angry with us or we had a fight with them, it was the end of the world to us. we used to cry our hearts out for a simple fight that could have been sorted out with a simple SORRY.

Adult Life: We are too Busy to even talk to our friends as we have responsibilities. So no worries there. Even if we do have a fight we wait until both parties forget about it and move on. No time for chit chats and sorry.


Kids Life: Could not care how they look. whatever the parents bought us, we were simply happy to have a new dress. No worries about the fashion trends and all.

 Adult Life: We have to look trendy than the other person. We buy the latest fashion and accessories but still we are not contended because someone might have something better than us.


Kids Life: Decisions were made by understanding what is right and what is wrong or with Eene- Meene- Maine- Moo. 🙂

Adult Life: Making decisions about what is right and what is wrong have turned into what is benefitting me and what others are losing.


When did we lose ourselves in this world? how did we change and that too for the worst? Well, this makes it simple…So, Yes…Even I have decided to Quit being an adult and start enjoying my life again…If you are with me comment below!! 🙂



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