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Top Ten Tuesday – 12th July

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

This week’s topic is: Ten Facts About Me, I thought I should give it a go… So here it is..!! 🙂

1. I hate wearing jewelry, But have to wear them.
Before marriage, I hated wearing any kind of jewelry. Except a wristwatch, I did not leave my place without it.
But now I am married and have to wear it. In India, not wearing jewelry after marriage is inauspicious and brings bad luck. Though I do not believe in these things my family does, so now I have to wear my engagement ring and Toe rings (a must) on a daily basis. Specially when attending some kind of a function in the community you will find me loaded with all kinds of jewelry from necklace to anklets.
2. I hate food!!
I know many people say just the opposite, but I hate food. I feel like eating three times a day is a task that has to be done and finished as soon as possible.
3. I’m a people’s person!!
I love talking and meeting new people. I have lots of friends and I love spending time with all of them. I make friends easily.
4. I have not read the Harry Potter series
I have watched it, when it came on TV, but somehow I could not make myself to read it. No matter how much I tried.
5. I am super Lazy!!
Super Duper Lazy!! Simply writing this post makes me tired. I am a laid back person and loves to enjoy life. Taking tensions and worrying is not something I do.


6. I am a mother of 1.5 years old.
I love her more than anything, but she is super naughty and having a kid means I do not get time to read books at all. Still somehow, I am managing to read a page or so every day..!!
7. I Started blogging 2 months back.
My husband has been nagging me to do this for a long time, but me being lazy… Well… You Get it…!! Finally, I started this blog, I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want this blog to be about..!! All in good time..!! 🙂
8. I have been baking a lot lately.
It is the only way of cooking I love. I mainly do it because both my daughter and husband have a sweet tooth and I hate giving them outside food to eat.
9. I recently opened up a small library in my society.
I love to introduce reading to people. When somebody who does not like to read, just completes a book you suggested (basically forced) by you and asks for another… It feels superb. So, I opened up my personal collection (a few more that I bought for the library) to people in my society.
10. Family comes First
I am at the core family person. My family consists of – my grandparents and grandparents in law, my parents and parents-in -law, uncles and aunts, uncles and aunts-in – law, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters-in law, But most importantly my husband and daughter are my life. They define me and who I am.

So these were the not-so-interesting facts about me. If I missed any please share in the comments. Also, don’t forget to Share yours in the comments section!




5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 12th July

  1. You forgot to mention about your first love …..
    Coffee 😍😍
    By the way now I know u a little more… 😊
    And same pinch for harry potter series…


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do love heels!! 🙂 but nowadays I can’t wear them!! 😦 still I agree!! 🙂
      Salad is the one of those food, I would rather eat than anything else!! so still hate food!!!!!


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