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Free/ Discounted E-Books- 13th July

Today you can get 6 Books Completely Free..!! Only for Limited time..!! HURRY!! 🙂

Today’s Book of the day is “Courtlight Series Boxed Set” which includes Books 1, 2 and 3. They are temporarily Free..!! Also, the author giving away next set of books- 4, 5 and 6 for free on his Author’s Page!!

Download Book 1, 2 and 3 from Here!!


About the Book..!!

This three-novel boxed set follows the adventures of Ciardis Weathervane, a girl with no future, and Sebastian Algardis, the prince heir she loves.Ciardis and Sebastian were never meant to break the chains binding his powers or upend the imperial courts, now they’re ready to shatter an empire.

Sworn To Raise
17-year-old Ciardis had grown up in poverty. Now chosen for a position at court,she travels across the empire to begin a new life.  To survive, she’ll need to master intrigue, befriend a crown prince, and learn to control magical abilities she never knew existed.

Sworn To Transfer Just when Ciardis becomes a companion trainee and saved the prince heir’s tenuous claim to the throne, humans begin to die in gruesome deaths.With enemies closing in ranks, Ciardis can’t afford to have her loyalty to court and crown called into question.  

Sworn To Conflict
After fighting for the living dead and winning, Ciardis discovers that taking on amass murderer was the least of her problems. Now she not only is facing a war in the North, but she needs to decide where she stands in the midst of competing sides: family or empire.


This series is an easy read, it goes really fast and is fascinating. Ciardis Weathervane is a spunky young woman who has a knack for getting herself in trouble at every turn. Who cares if she saves people’s lives? All her superiors care about is that she shows up disheveled, late and receives complaints about her behavior. She is endearing and adorable (though not touted as a beauty). She’s someone I can relate to and I just love her. This is a well written story that had my interest from the first page to the last.

-Amazon Customer!!


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