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Field Trip to The Toy Store!!

I was always curious as to how my sweet devil behaves in her school and around her friends and teachers. Though I can see her most of the time on the school camera, it is not that helpful. I wanted to know who her friends are and what her school life is.

Her school has something called PIS, Parent involvement session (I think…) where they invite a parent of any one child at a time, to be a part of some school activity. So when I was asked to accompany her class to the field trip to a toy store, I was so happy and super excited about it.
I was a bit nervous as well, what if I do something wrong? What if a child gets hurt?  Well, a lot of what ifs..!! That is normal, Right??
Anyways, we went out to a toy store in the mall. Our ride to the mall was filled with nursery rhymes and songs. Once we reached the toy store, we made all the kids sit in the shopping cart so they do not run away or break anything.
Then we introduced them to different kinds of toys from soft toys to Barbie and cars.
They wanted all of them!!
I had a great time. I met my daughter’s first friends. I got to know her best friend in class is a girl named Jhanvi. She loves doing actions of the rhyme Wheels on the Bus. Her teacher takes good care of all the kids in her class. Gets worried over them when they do not eat. Talks to them politely and try very hard to teach them good manners and etiquettes (which is a very difficult thing to do with 1.5 years old).
Meeting all her classmates made me realize that every child is same yet different. They grow at their own pace and yet are equal in every way. Usually, friendships at this small age are forgotten easily but even if my daughter won’t remember them when she grows up, I will.
Thank you to my daughter’s school- their teachers and caregivers for giving a worried and curious mother some peace.

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