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Going Crazy!! Another Non-tagged, Book Tag!! :)


Being new to the blogging community, I am not really tagged anywhere(still trying to make friends here!!) But I keep finding these awesome Book tags and Meme that I am simply wanna try them out!! So again No one tagged me!! Still doing it because ‘I m Lovin It’..!!

This Book meme is hosted by Niccolie Junsay of Drowned with Stars and Books !! I loved her ideas and blogs!! You guys should definitely check her blog out!! 🙂

For this meme, you have to talk about the book that you really want to purchase or you’re driving nuts for waiting for its release..!!

So, the Rules!!

  1. Copy and Paste the Rules.thV22X8UA7
  2. Tag the creator of the memes.thV22X8UA7
  3. Tag and thank the person who tagged you.
  4. Insert the header pictures of the title.thV22X8UA7
  5. Tag other bloggers to do the memes too.thV22X8UA7
  6. Use the hashtags of the memes. thV22X8UA7
  7. and lastly, ENJOY!thV22X8UA7


The Book that I am going crazy over!!

Sandy’s Story!!!

It is the third and sadly the last part of the Ditch Lane Diaries Series!! It is due to release this September 21st…!!


Story behind my craziness!!

I read the First book Ruby’s Choice as a Book of the month for my book Club!!

I have gone crazy over the book after that!!

I could not wait for Anna’s Way!! I followed the Author D. F. Jones Like crazy on Facebook..!! When Anna’s Way finally released (a week before my birthday), I immediately purchased the E-Book!! I could not wait for the print to reach me!!

I Also won a print copy from the author herself!! she sent me 1 of the only 5  Proof Copies she had and that too signed by D. F. Jones herself..!! I got both Ruby’s Choice and Anna’s Way..!! It was for my birthday..!!!

Best Birthday Gift ever!!!

So now, I have E-book and Print (Signed Copy!!) of both the books!! All I need is Sandy’s Story to complete my set..!!


Now comes the tag!!

I would like to tag:

  1. Books from Dusk to Dawn
  2. A year of reading India
  3. Too Full To Write
  4. The orangutan librarian
  5. Deidra Alexander
  6. Amanh

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did..!! If you have already done this.. Please leave me a link below… would love to know your answers!! If you haven’t, do it now..!! If you have not been tagged…tell me…I will tag you!! 🙂

Don’t forget to comment below!! Happy reading!!


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