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So Good Sunday!!

Hello Everyone!!

This is the continuation of the previous posts Going Crazy!!, Throwback Thursday,  Fun Filled Friday!! and Sadly Saturday!! which are part of  a book Meme!!

This Book meme is hosted by Niccolie Junsay of Drowned with Stars and Books !! I loved her ideas and blogs!! You guys should definitely check her blog out!!:)

For this meme, you have to talk recommend a book that you think is really good. Tell us something about the book and try to convince the readers why we should read it!!

So, the Rules!!

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My Recommendation!!


I would like to recommend The Ditch Lane Diaries Series (Again!!) I love this series. I hate love stories…Well hated!! I always thought romantic novels have all become a cliché..!! there is nothing new there..(I know I am biased…) but after reading this series I cannot say that anymore!!

Introducing Angels and demons into a romantic novel so naturally and effortlessly has made this series my current favorite!! 🙂


I know, I have already given this book a lot of appreciation already and you guys must be tired of me recommending this book again and again but still, you guys have to try it…!!

It has everything…!! A whole lot of Romance, Suspense, Action and Fantasy…!!

The 1st book Ruby’s Choice is about her choice between two guys Brent and Reed. The play this dating game called ‘tap it’, where to win the game, you have to make the girl confess her undying love for you. The two guys are totally different and have completely opposite personalities, which makes the decision for Ruby that much more difficult.Both the books have to many twists and turns!! What happens, if Ruby makes a wrong choice? Who is Mr. Right?

The 2nd Book Anna’s Way has a love story between Anna and Jerry. It is like they are a match made in heaven. Anna has a gift of healing from the creator himself. She has always dreamed of becoming a doctor and combining the gift of healing from the creator with science to help people. But will she be able to that, without hurting her relationship? Will Jerry support her? What does he have to say for her gift?

The everyday God, creator, the good and the evil has a whole new meaning in this book. The devil himself has a fascinating character. You will admire and hate him at the same time.


Read my complete reviews here!! Ruby’s Choice and  Anna’s Way by D. F. Jones!!

To visit the author page on Facebook Click Here!!! 

Every human has their own angel. find yours..!! Get the book now!!

To buy this book on Amazon Ruby’s Choice and Anna’s Way..!!

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