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Mother’s Madness!!

Today my almost 2 yr old (a few months short of 2 yrs) threw a fit. She cried for almost half an hour. Me and my husband got worried. What happened?

Is she hungry..thirsty..?? Is she hurt? Is she having some kind of body ache?

After 15 mins of brainstorming…

Husband: She was in your lap, right?

Me: She was..!!

Husband: Did you ask/tell her before settling her down on the bed?

That’s it!! It clicked…!! That is why she is crying!!

I did not tell her that I was going to put her down for a few seconds on the bed. So that I can get her the biscuits she wanted as I was not able to reach them without putting her down!!

These days you cannot talk to a kid, like a kid!! You have to talk to them like adults. You have to explain them everything, make them understand.

How are we supposed to do that, when our parents still talk to us like we are kids!!

Yet, when it comes to playing, you have to play with them as kids. You have to pamper them and forgive them as they are simply kids!!!

Sometimes motherhood just drives you mad!! But all you can do is get over it and move on like adults!!


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