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Talkie Tuesday!!​

Hello, Everyone!!

This is the continuation of the previous posts Going Crazy!!, Throwback Thursday, Fun Filled Friday!!,  Sadly Saturday!! So Good Sunday!! and Monday Madness which are part of  a book Meme!!

This Book meme is hosted by Niccolie Junsay of Drowned with Stars and Books !! I loved her ideas and blogs!! You guys should definitely check her blog out!!:)

For this meme, you have to tell about the book that you cannot shut up about. A book/ series that you keep telling your friends or recommending to read. You blog, tweet or just keep blabbering about it!! And Why?

So, the Rules!!

  1. Copy and Paste the Rules.thV22X8UA7
  2. Tag the creator of the memes.thV22X8UA7
  3. Tag and thank the person who tagged you.
  4. Insert the header pictures of the title.thV22X8UA7
  5. Tag other bloggers to do the memes too.thV22X8UA7
  6. Use the hashtags of the memes. thV22X8UA7
  7. and lastly, ENJOY!thV22X8UA7

The Book!!

Yes, You guys guessed it right!! I am going to say about my favorite series again!!

The Ditch Lane Diaries by D. F. Jones. 13174141_1051724738227582_5725634877545698620_n

I have already mentioned this series in two of my book tags…Wednesday’s Going Crazy!! and Sunday’s  So Good Sunday!!

I started this book tag with this series…It had to end with this series obviously!!

I love this book!! Completely love it!! There is nothing that I can say now, that I haven’t said before!!

I am not a person who likes ( yet alone Love) Romantic novels. But this paranormal romance has made me go crazy!! I can’t wait for the 3rd Book of the series which is due in September.

I never believed in superstitions..angels and demons never existed for me…!! I always believed that they were for the kids to be kept in line…!! I still believe that…but maybe a little less…!! I have been on the lookout for my angel, ever since I read the book!!

Every human has their own angel. Go find yours..!!

I have signed copy of both the books…( The awesome Author sent me those herself)

My Priced Possession!! My Precious !! 🙂


All of this and more I have already said. So, read my review and buy the books now!! They are free on Kindle Unlimited…!! For now!!

Read my complete reviews here!! Ruby’s Choice and  Anna’s Way by D. F. Jones!!

To visit the author page on Facebook Click Here!!!  she is completely awesome!!

Every human has their own angel. find yours..!! Get the book now!!

To buy this book on Amazon Ruby’s Choice and Anna’s Way..!!

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