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Book Review #15: Soft Target by Kalyan Nanda

Ratings: 5 out of 5 Stars!!

5 star


About the book !!

Soft Target by Kalyan Nanda is a fictional drama. The book is about the most common questions these days- Who is God and is He good or bad? Why does He play with our lives in the name of karma?

The story revolves around Mohan Mishra, who thinks himself as a ‘soft target’ by God. Mohan is born with a “blessed” or more accurately “differently blessed” mental disorder. He is a genius by the mind, but when he opens his mouth, something completely irrelevant comes out. Like when asked his name, he would say ‘Masala Dosa’.

The problems created by the society because of his illness were endless. His teachers said he was dumb and won’t survive the exams, his classmates ridiculed him to no end. He blames all this on God and makes Him his enemy. God as always is not so kind to him, making him a soft target. Will Mohan get over everything and achieve something? Or would the struggles of life and the weird mental illness conquer over him? What has God in store for him?

My Review:

The story and the plot are quite refreshing. The author has kept the narration in a story form, directly addressing to the reader. The author has also explained a lot of Indian cultures and traditions in a beautiful way – like a simple act of getting dressed by a middle-class Indian man. The author has given a brief yet humorous description of it. The story goes very smoothly from his school days to college days and then his career after college. The ups and downs of his life have been beautifully captured by the author.

The character of Mohan is very interesting. The way he handles his illness and all other problems, his reactions and emotions at all points are genuine to read. The author has done a tremendous job at developing its character. The story sometimes feels predictable but never once gets boring.

I would give this book a 5 out of 5. I enjoyed the book and would recommend this to anyone who wants a good and light read.


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