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Doll House turns into Play House:Part 2

Well, I tend to go big!!

So I started with a Doll house and turned it into a Play house for my Doll to play in.

I took 2 medium size cardboards to make the walls on three sides. After that I took a bigger cardboard for the roof, attached it to the walls to make sure it holds through all the upcoming assaults by her.

I did not put a door for easy access to her, but on second thought installed a half door for play purpose.

While we were busy making her a play house, she decided to trash the bigger one.

But as soon as she was told that the house is ready for her to play in…she took all her soft toys with her.

It has a natural window as well.

Seems a basic structure is ready. Now it needs a little decoration. 

What do you think? Any modifications? Suggestions? Adding another floor seems a bit much (as per my husband)

Decoration ideas invited…!!


3 thoughts on “Doll House turns into Play House:Part 2

  1. Use two or three sheets of cardboard stuck together instead of single layer for walls. Will be stronger. Also cover it with some gift wrapping paper. Will make it look great.


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