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My Doll’s House:Part 3 Preparing From Future Assaults

After hearing all of your suggestions and comments….I decided to first make the house a bit sturdy. So, I added a few more cardboards to the wall (Thanks Amrit for the suggestion). 

My daughter has already started to assualt it. She tried flatening the ceiling, don’t know why. Maybe adding a double layered wall, might just save it, till I decorate it. 🙂

I also added some cardboards to the base, to give it a cushiony feeling as suggested by Rajat, in my last post.

Now for decorations, I have decided to leave it on the stationary owner nearby. He keeps a decent collection of decorative items. I will check out his wrapping paper collection and few crazy stickers.

As for inside decoration, I am yet to decide on it. I am stuck on two options:

1. To make it black with glowing stickers (as suggested by Swati)


2. To go with white drawing paper for her to show her own creativity.

What do u suggest? Any 3rd Option?


3 thoughts on “My Doll’s House:Part 3 Preparing From Future Assaults

  1. If u have time then u can add colours ? I mean you can cover the cardboard with different chart sheets (outside)..? And inside white Sheet for her creativity ?


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