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My Doll’s House: Part 4: Decorations

Finally we started the decorations!! I took help from my mother-in-law, as she is in town and she is really great in all DIY things, her inputs were really helpful.

I bought some wrapping sheets and stickers from the stationary nearby. 
All set with our tools, we first started with the roof.

We took some bright red colour sheets and started sticking them on the roof Lightly with some common glue.

Lightly, because my Dear Devil started her assaults early. She banged the roof a few times yesterday, to tell us that she liked the house. Luckily, we took Amrit’s advice in my 2nd post and doubled walled it. So, the damage was not much.

After the bright red roof, we started on the walls. Initially, we thought of sticking different colour papers on the wall, but that did not look so great. So, we decided with a single green colour sheets with ‘heart’s design’ for all four walls.

Then we decided to put plain white sheets on the inside walls. So, she can add her own creativity to the play house.

Also, it gave a little light and open feel to the play house.

And she did start, with all her colours, before we can even finish it!!

The roof and floor on the inside are still to be done. Stickers and little hangings are still pending. But she did love it. So maybe we did not do that bad a job.

What are your thoughts??


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