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Your Intelligence Comes From Your Mommy!!

We have always heard that IQ comes from both mother and father, but seems this New research featured in Psychology Spot is proving it wrong!!

The research says people are born with conditioned genes that work differently depending on if they are from mother or father. As seen, intelligence genes are located on chromosome X and since women have two of chromosome X, it is twice as likely for the children to get their intelligence from their mothers.

Even if the father does pass off a few on his intelligence genes to his child, chances are they won’t have an impact on the kids brain, since they only work if they come from your mother.

Basically, if any intelligence gene is inherited from the father’s side, it gets deactivated.


Want even more proof? The Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit in the United States did a study on mothers back in 1994 and interviewed 12,686 young people between the ages of 14 and 22. Their questions focused on the children’s IQ, race, education and socioeconomic status. The best predictor of intelligence? The IQ of their mother.

So all the smart ones out their, start calling your mother and say thanks to her!!


But is it all her?? Does any other factor Count?

It is estimated that between 40-60% of intelligence is hereditary. That means the remaining percentage depends on environment, simulation and personal characteristic. Intelligence is basically defined as ability to solve problems. Now to solve problems, be a simple mathematical or physical life problems, our whole brain is involved. Even though intelligence is closely linked to rational thinking, it is also influenced by intuition and emotions, that are genetically influenced by contribution of the father.

But remember, a child’s high IQ has to be stimulated and nourished throughout their lives with new challenges.


Beyond what was stated by genetics, fathers should not be discouraged, because they also have much to contribute to the development of their children, especially being emotionally present. The IQ with which we are born is important, but not decisive.


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