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Free/ Discounted Kindle Books- 6th Oct

Today’s Book of the day has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and is completely free!!

Today’s book is Book 2: Anna’s Way by D. F. Jones from The Ditch Lane Diaries.

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About the Book!!

Anna’s Way is not your typical paranormal romance. It’s mysterious and exciting. The author’s storyline on angels and demons, The Creator and Lucifer is original, and that’s a feat! The Ditch Lane Diaries begins in 1977 and follows three childhood friends (Anna, Ruby, and Sandy) from college to adulthood. Love and joy, heartache and laughter, held in the hands of destiny by divine supernatural forces and powers. A healer, a dreamer and a soul reader on life’s journey of discovery to true love and how to use their divine gifts. A spelunking adventure changes Anna’s life forever. She receives the ability to heal through a divine power and meets her guardian angel, Ralph, who teaches her how to use her gift. Anna’s power grows stronger with every passing year as does her drive to become a doctor. When Anna receives an out of state scholarship for medical school, her love for Jerry has her torn. She has been in love with Jerry for most of her life. Does she pursue her dream, her divine calling at the risk of losing true love? The Ditch Lane Diaries is a paranormal romance that includes angels and demons with some metaphysical and visionary elements fighting an angelic war over Earth’s humans. The many twists and turns give the reader plenty to contemplate over life choices


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Amazon Review!!
D.F. Jones depicts a fast-paced story full of dangerous twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. ANNA’S WAY is a romantic love story that will leave you wanting more from this talented author. I can’t wait to read more by D.F. Jones!


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