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Free/ Discounted Kindle Books- 3rd Oct

I love today’s book of the day!! It has 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon!! And is completely free only for Today!!!

To download this book from Amazon . Click here!!

Today’s Book of the day is the “Book 1: Ruby’s Choice by D. F. Jones” in my favorite trilogy ‘The Ditch Lane Diaries’.

About the book!!

Dreams, Destiny and a Tempting Twist of Fate

Ruby is a dreamer. Her prophetic dreams reveals a man that’s her destiny.

While in college, Ruby falls for two incredibly fun and downright sexy men, Reed and Brent. But she senses something amiss and quickly learns of a game the two intends to play. Ruby isn’t a pawn and turns the table on them.

What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love. All is not what it seems. Ruby’s Choice ends with a twisting tempt of fate.

The Ditch Lane Diaries follows three childhood friends from college to adulthood. An afternoon adventure uncovers a hidden room and mysterious stones in Campbell Ridge cave unlocking their supernatural powers.

The prophetic dreamer, Ruby’s Choice is a coming of age tale of firsts including the angst of falling in love. The story introduces the main characters of the Ditch Lane Diaries series and ends with a supernatural twist catapulting the reader into the second book, Anna’s Way.


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Editorial review on Amazon!!

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. Jones’ ability to articulate what it feels like to fall in love and what love is quickened my heart rate and put words to emotions I have only felt before. The characters are strong and well thought out. The dialogue matched seamlessly with how characters felt and acted. If you enjoy romance novels without a lot of self-made drama or are just looking for a good romance this is the book for you.

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Beautiful Lines by Ayn Rand: Part 2

When I disagree with a rational man, I let reality be the arbiter. If I am right, he will learn, if I am wrong, I will.

One of us will win, but both will profit..!!”

-Ayn Rand( Atlas shrugged)



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Beautiful Lines by Ayn Rand..!!

Everytime I read ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand, I learn some new things, understand some a little bit better but a few lines always leave me speechless…!! These are few of them…!!

Page 351-352,

What she felt in that moment contained, as one nameless part of it, the knowledge of the beauty in the posture of his body as he held her, as they stood in the middle of a room high above the lights of the city.

What he knew, what he had discovered tonight, was that his recaptured love of existence had not been given back to him by the return of the desire for her-but that the desire has returned after he had regained his world, the love, the value and the sense of this world-and that the desire was not an answer to her body, but a celebration of himself and of his will to live.

-Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

The statement so beautifully defines..that if you do not love yourself…you cannot love anybody else…!! You have to first appreciate yourself and be comfortable in your own skin…to appreciate others and gain respect.

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Talkie Tuesday!!​

Hello, Everyone!!

This is the continuation of the previous posts Going Crazy!!, Throwback Thursday, Fun Filled Friday!!,  Sadly Saturday!! So Good Sunday!! and Monday Madness which are part of  a book Meme!!

This Book meme is hosted by Niccolie Junsay of Drowned with Stars and Books !! I loved her ideas and blogs!! You guys should definitely check her blog out!!:)

For this meme, you have to tell about the book that you cannot shut up about. A book/ series that you keep telling your friends or recommending to read. You blog, tweet or just keep blabbering about it!! And Why?

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