Free/ Discounted Kindle Books

Every day I will Post about a book that is either free or at a discounted price on Kindle. It is very common for books to go on temporary sales for 1-to-5 days.

If you have Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Subscription then it is awesome!!! Because then you can have all of these books for free!!

This is a chance to get Quality E-Books for free or on discounted prices.The quality of these free/discount books will be much better than the average free book for a single reason that is these are *premium* books that are on a *temporary* sale.

The great thing about these temporary free promotions and sales is that you don’t have to read the book during the promotion. You can download the free book, and read it years later. It’s your opportunity to build up your own library of premium books for free.

Don’t have a Kindle?

You can read Kindle books on any smart phone. tablet, or computer with the Free Kindle App. You can even download the free books now, during the temporary promotions, and then read them when you have a Kindle or other tablet in the future.

Subscribe to my blog to get a daily update on these books. Please do that so you are notified for each day’s free/discounted book.


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